Sri Raghavendra Swami


      Bhuvanagiri is the birthplace of the saint of South India, Raghavendra Swami.The town is also close to the birthplace of Saint Ramalinga Adigalar (town Maruthur). The word Bhuvanagiri is a combination of two Tamilized-Sanskrit words – Bhuvanam (means World) and Giri (means Mountain or Unmovable). Hence, the name Bhuvanagiri can mean “the place (world) that does not move”. Bhuvanagiri is internally referred to by the local population as “Mel Bhuvanagiri” (Western Segment) and “Kezh Bhuvanagiri” (Eastern Segment). Agriculture is the main occupation of more than 3/4 of the town’s population and they depend on it. Rice is the major cultivated crop, followed by Black gram and Green gram. These set of crops are cultivated in a type of land known in Tamil as NanSei (means wetland cultivation). Other minor crops like Finger Millet (Ragi in Tamil), Pearl millet (Kambu in Tamil), Corn (Makkaa cholam in Tamil), Thoor dhal (Thovaram parupu in Tamil), Sesamum (yel in Tamil) and redgram also grown around this town. These set of crops are cultivated in a type of land known in Tamil as PunSei. A river Vellaru (a tributary of river Cauvery) provides water for irrigation. The town is also known for handloom products (such as lungies, hand kerchiefs, saris, dhotis, etc.). It is also known for its Silk saris and Silk Textiles which are referred to as “Bhuvanagiri Pattu”.

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  • Ragavendraswamy Poojai
  • Ragavendraswamy Temple
  • Ragavendraswamy Temple Side view

How to Reach:

By Air

Air : The nearest International airports is Chennai (200Km ). Another nearest Air Port is in Pondicherry has charter flights located 25KM from Cuddalore. New Airport also prosed and the work is in progress, At Neyveli in the same District located 45Km from Cuddalore Town the head quarters of this District.

By Train

Rail : 1. Chennai – Villupuram – Cuddalore – Thanjavoor – Trichy Raliways route is available running via Cuddalore Town the District head quarters. 2. Another major rail route is also available in this District is Chennai -Villupuram – Vridhachalam – Trichy . It is also operational, In which Vridhachalam is loacted 50KM from Cuddalore Town. There is connecting rail route is also available between Cuddalore and Vridhachalam.

By Road

Road : Road transport is very good in Cuddalore District. National highways NH45 , NH45A are running through Cuddalore. Satte Highways 32 & 36 are also running through Cuddalore District. On road Cuddalore is located 200Km From state head quarters.