The Deputy Director of health services

The office of Deputy Director of health services, Cuddalore is functioning at No.5. Beach Road, cuddalore, under the Department of Preventive Health and Preventive Medicine Sixty three Primary Health Centres and seven urban heath centres and 319 Health Sub centres are functioning in this Cuddalore Health Unit district.  Totally 190 Medical Officers 280 staff Nurses and 325 PHC staff and field staff are working in this HUD.

  • There are 19 Primary Health Centres with 30 bed facilities.
  • Sixteen blood storage PHCs are functioning in this District.
  • Operation Theatres (for family planning) are functioning in Twenty one Primary Health Centres.
  • Mobile Medical Teams are available in thirteen Block Primary Health Centres.
  • Twenty Six RBSK teams are working in all the Block PHCs for the welfare of School Children.
  • Dental teams are formed with Dental surgeons in 12 Primary Health Centres.
  • X-ray facilities are available in sixteen Primary Health Centre.
  • ECG/Scan and Laboratory facilities are available in almost all the Primary Health Centres.
  • Nearly 16000 outpatients are getting treatment daily in PHCs.
  • Nearly 7500 inpatients are getting treatment every month.
  • Nearly 350 deliveries are performed in PHCs every month in this HUD.
  • Nearly 150 to 175 family planning operations are conducted every month in this HUD.


  1. MRMBS (Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Benefit Scheme)
    Tamil Nadu Government had revised the amount of Rs.18,000/- from the existing Rs.12,000/- for the benefit of each pregnant mothers under Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity benefit scheme This has come as a boon to the poor beneficiaries and has improved the health status of both the mother and the child.
  2. JSY (Janani Suraksha Yojana)
    Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) is a safe motherhood intervention under the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) being implemented with the objective of reducing maternal and neo-natal mortality by promoting institutional delivery among the poor pregnant women.
  3. JSSK (Janani Sishu Suraksha Karykram)
    Free transport from home to health facility Free transport between facilities in case of referral
    Drop back from the institution to home after 48 hours of stay .Exemption for all kinds of user charges.
  4. WIFS (Weekly Iron Folic acid Supplementation)To initiate a school based weekly IFA supplementation (WIFS) programme for control of anaemia in adolescent boys and girls attending classes 6th  to 12th of government/government aided rural & urban areas.
  5. HOW (Hospital on Wheels)blocks with remote villages and separate Hospital on wheels with a vehicle was sanctioned to these blocks, with one medical officer, one staff nurse who will be doing outreach medical services as per action plan in all the villages in the block every day.
  6. Menstrual Hygiene Programme
    To increase awareness among adolescent girls on Menstrual hygiene, build self-esteem and empower girls for greater socialization.
  7. RBSK (Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram – School Health) – 4 D’s screening and corrective surgeries
  8. 108 Emergency Services –EMRI
    The 108 Emergency Ambulance Service is a 24×7 service, which anyone can avail by dialling the number 108 on their phone during the case of any emergency.
  9. Health Help line
    People can  get a clear idea about various health injuries from ‘104’ helpline services, which includes: first aid information; medical advices; mother-baby wellness information; blood donations; eye donations; contagious and non- contagious diseases; nutrition details; Governments Medical Insurance Policies, facilities availed in it and hospitals under this policy; Psychiatry advices; H.I.V diseases information and for various other details.
  10. Dental health (PHC Clinic & School Camps)
    • KKT (Kannoli KappomThittam) School children
    • Arokiya Thittam , NCD National Programme for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases and Stroke (DM, HT, Cervical & Breast Cancer)
    • Amma Arogya Thittam is an annual wellness health check up program for all citizens of Tamil Nadu above 30 years of age.Promotion of Health and Well being through prevention and early detection of disease conditions by providing free access to basic health checkup to all people above 30 years of age on annual basis
    • Free dietary services for antenatal mothers postnatal and sterilized mothers
    • Blood storage units
    • Obstetrician and Pediatrician hiring for specialist care
    • Maternal Death Audit &Infant Death Audit
    • Reduce Maternal Death & Infant Death
  11. Specialty Medical Camp
    Special Medical Camps are conducted at block level for the purpose of serving the inaccessible poor people.  Management for common diseases are dealt in the Government primary Health Centres as per their routine activities.     Under Non Communicable Diseases Programme in the Primary Health Care set up facilities for detecting  Cancer Breast and Cervix ,  Diabetes, Hyper Tension  are implemented.  Even though Speciality Camps are being conducted to refer the cases detected in PHCs for higher Speciality Treatment to the institutions.
  12. Universal Immunization Programme
    The Immunization session is being conducted on every Wednesday throughout the District for the beneficiaries of 0-5 years age group and Pregnant woman. Immunization activities is being conducted amicably in 63 Primary Health Centres and 319 Health Sub Centres.


Deputy Director Health Services


Office Phone no .  04142 -295134 – 04142 -294134