As Per the Census of  2011,  the total population of 7.21 crore. Of  which the population of Adi Dravidars is 1.44 crore (20.01%) and  Scheduled Tribal population is 7.95 lakhs (1.10%). Therefore the Adi Dravidars constitute 20.01% and Tribals constitute 1.10% of the total population in Tamil Nadu. The majority of the Adi Dravidars / Scheduled Tribal population are economically backward and socially marginalized. Most of the families lack resources and access to education, employment and other income – earning opportunities are limited.

According to 2011 Population  Census  the literacy rate of Adi-Dravidar/Tribal people are as follows:
Details Male Female Total
General 86.77 73.44 80.09
Adi-Dravidar 80.94 65.64 73.26
Tribal 61.81 46.80 54.34


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