According to 2011 Census, out of the total population of 7.21 crore, in Tamil Nadu, the population of Adi Dravidars is 1.44 crore and Tribal population is 7.95 lakhs. Therefore the Adi Dravidars constitute 20.01% and Tribals constitute 1.10% of the total population in Tamil Nadu. The majority of the Adi Dravidars / Tribal population are economically backward and socially marginalized. Most of the families lack resources and access to education, employment and other income – earning opportunities are limited.

Name of Officer e-Mail ID Office Address
Thiru.A.Sanmugasundaram,Disrict Adi Dravidar,
Tribal Welfare officer,Cuddalore district.
dadwocudd[at]gmail[dot]com Disrict Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare office,
Collector office,Cuddalore district.
Thiru.G.Aranganathan(I/c),Special Tahsildar(ADW),Cuddalore tsoaranganathan[at]gmail[dot]com Special Tahsildar(ADW) Office, Cuddalore
Thiru.G.Aranganathan,Special Tahsildar(ADW),Chidambaram rdocdm-tncud[at]nic[dot]in Special Tahsildar(ADW) Office, Chidambaram
Tmt.Rathnavathy,Special Tahsildar(ADW), Vridhachalam tahsildarwelfarevdm[at]gmail[dot]com Special Tahsildar(ADW) Office, Vridhachalam