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opening of new Vetenary Hospitals

New Veterinary Hospital

Published on: 06/08/2018

Hon’ble Minister for Industrial Development Mr. Mrs. Sampath opened the Veterinary Hospitals at a cost of Rs.70.68 lakhs in three places in Padrakkottai, Thookambakkam and Chidambaranathne in Cuddalore District. Details of New Vetenary Hospitas[13.5 KB]    

Mionister inspection at Velangulam

Minister Inspection

Published on: 06/08/2018

Hon’ble Minister for Industries Mr.M.M. Sampath examined the place where the reservoir will be set up to save rain water in the Neyveli area in Cuddalore district and the location of the Sidco Industrial area in Kadampuliyur area. Deatils of minister Inspection[20.5 KB]      

Bhuvanagri Vellar Bridge Inspection

Vellar Bridge Inspection

Published on: 06/08/2018

Mrs.R.Keetha, Director of Highways Research Center, examined and analyzed the old bridge’s stability near the new bridge built in Buvanagiri – Vellar in Cuddalore district. Villuppuram Highways Department Survey Engineer (Construction & Maintenance) Mr.M.Panniriselvam, Cuddalore Highways Division Engineer (Construction & Maintenance) Mr.G.K.Rameshkanna, Assistant Deputies Mr. N.Sandasokumar (Kurinjipadi) Mr.R.Srinivasanan (Cuddalore) ). Vellar Bridge Inspection[19 Kb]

Inspection in Vadalur Town Panchayat

Collector Inspection 01082018

Published on: 02/08/2018

Collector Inspected Vdalur Town Panchayat Area The detail Here under Vadalur Inspection[28 KB]

NH Land Land accusation

Land accusation for NH

Published on: 01/08/2018

The Land accusation for National Highway and By bass road proposals has been inspected by Collector cuddlaore on 31/07/2018. The road comes on the way of  Cuddalore, Kurinjipadi,Bhuvanagiri and chidambaram taluks. The inspections has been carried out in all the taluks. The details of Land accusation for NH[50 KB]  

Manu nethi naal


Published on: 26/07/2018

Special Kiramasabi koottam and Village grievance day wehere conducted by Collector in Vellakkarai Village. The details are Here[32.8 KB]  

Meeting with NLC and peoples


Published on: 26/07/2018

There was a meeting conducted by District administration between NLC India and the peoples those who given land and places to NLC, for mines operation. Details are Here[145 KB]  

Cuddalore District Website


Published on: 26/07/2018

NewWebsite for Cuddalore District[252 KB] New Website with new Technology has been launched  Today for public use. This website is S3waas technology based. Many special features like bi lingual  responsive like many more are in it.  

Inspection NREGA work


Published on: 25/07/2018 More
chanel Inspection

Collector Insp_24072018

Published on: 25/07/2018

Collector Inspection_River shetters and Chanels[34 KB]