District Administration

The Collectorate play a pivotal role in the District administration. Collector in the Cadre of I.A.S heads the District. He acts as the District Magistrate for maintaining Law and Order in his jurisdiction. He deals mainly with planning and development, law and order, general elections, arms licensing etc.

The Additional Collector/ District Revenue Officer runs the Revenue administration under various enactments in the District. He is also designated as Additional District Magistrate. He mainly deals with civil supplies, land matters, mines and minerals, village officers etc.

The District Revenue Officer (DRO) and Deputy Collectors assists the Collector in discharging their duties. The District Revenue Officer looks after all the branches of the Collectorate. He deals mainly with general administration and is vested with supervision of day-to-day functions of the Collectorate.

Revenue Administration

Cuddalore District is divided into 3 revenue divisions for administrative convenience. The Revenue division is headed by Revenue Divisional Officer in the rank of Sub – Collector in Cadre of I.A.S or a Deputy Collector. The Revenue divisional Offices are a replica of Collectorate in the matter of number of sections and they act as intermediary in the administrative setup. The Revenue Divisions divided into many taluks. The taluk office is headed by the Tahsildar. The taluks divided into Many Firkas. The Firka is headed by the Revenue Inspector. The Village Administrative Officer and Village Assistant is acts as the officer of the village level.


Revenue Division
Name of the Division Name of the Taluks Name of the Firkas
Cuddalore Cuddalore Manjakuppam
Panruti Panruti
Kurinjipadi Kurinjipadi
Chidambaram Chidambaram Orathur
Bhuvanagiri Parangipettiai
Kattumannarkoil Mannarkudi
Srimushnam Kavanur
Vridhachalam Vridhachalam Kammapuram
Vridhachalam North
Vridhachalam South
Mangalam Ko
Tittagudi Tittagudi East
Tittagudi west
Veppur Veppur

The Revenue Department at Cuddalore District functions with the following broad objectives:

  1. Providing efficient delivery of services of various Government schemes to the people of Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu.
  2. Providing relief and implementing rehabilitation measures for those affected by Natural Calamities at Cuddalore District.
  3. Functioning as the custodian of Government lands and ensuring proper maintenance of land records for the TN State.
  4. Implementation of Land Reforms and providing land to the needy and eligible persons.

The department serves the needs of farmers, students, unemployed, weaker sections, entrepreneurs and Industry by providing a range of services like issuing a wide range of certificates essential for accessing a host of services and benefits ranging from credit, scholarships, community registration, birth and death registration, legal heir ship, income status, mutations of land records, licences etc.

In addition, Revenue and Disaster Management Department plays a vital role in the conduct of Elections under the superintendence of the Election Commission of India.Since its inception, Revenue and Disaster Management Department has often taken the lead during crises, be it man-made or natural disasters. Revenue and Disaster Management Department reaches out to all during disasters and plays a critical role in organizing rescue, relief, rehabilitation and resettlement to the needy. The department has since been renamed by the Government of Tamil Nadu as Revenue and Disaster Management Department acknowledging the centrality of the Department in the entire gamut of operations in disaster Management.

Contact Office Address

District Revenue Officer,

Cuddalore 607 001.

Phone: 04142 220492, 230185