Integrated Child Development Service

  • Integrated Child Development Service Scheme – Under the scheme, the health and nutritional status of the children under 6 years of age, pregnant women, lactating women, adolescent girls by continuously monitoring and taking care those target groups.
  • Kishori Shakti Yojana Scheme – This programme was launched in the year 2001 and extended to in all districts in 2010. Under this programme, the nutrition and health status of adolescent girls(11-18 years old) are improved and they are imparted vocational skills to improve the oral personality development.
  • Modernisation of Anganwadis – To create smoke free atmosphere and to safeguard the inmates of anganwadis, the anganwadi centre was provided with gas connection and gas stove, construction of cooking platform, pressure cooker, etc.,
  • Distribution of Uniforms – Two sets of uniforms are given to children to motivate the parents to sent their children to Anganwadicentre.
  • Every year de-worming campaign is being conducted.
  • Samuthaya valaikappu was celebrated for the Antenatal mothers .During this celebration ,the Antenatal mothers have been provided with varieties of foods along with Bangles, Garland, Turmeric and Kumkum.
  • Provided lesson plan book for all the preschool children for the whole year.
  • All the preschool children learning activities are being monitored through assessment cards. A separate age group of cards are being maintained for 2-3years, 3-4 years and 4-5 years.
  • Activity books were provided to all the Anganwadi’s in order to improve the skill of activity.
  • Profile book containing the details of every children are being maintained in all Anganwadi’s.
  • The RBSK Doctors conducted special medical camp for the SUW (Severely under weight) children.


Tamil Nadu is the Pioneer State for implementing the massive programme of providing nutritious Midday Meal to lakhs and lakhs of school children. The Former Hon’ble Chief Minister Puratchi Thalaivar MGR has launched this scheme. The scheme was implemented in entire rural areas on 01.07.1982 and it was extended in urban areas also from 15.09.1982. This scheme is being implemented successfully till date.

The main objective of the programme

  • To provide adequate nutrition to economically disadvantaged children.
  • To combat malnutrition among the children and to increase their literacy rate.
  • To act as a potent incentive for increasing the enrolment and reducing dropouts from schools.

Contact Office Address:

Personnel Assistant to Collector (Noon Meal),

Cuddalore  607 001.

Phone: 04142 295452