District e-Governance :

District e-Goverance activity slowly started from the year 1988-89 by

National Informatics Centre.

It is a part of State Mission Mode Project (SMMP) under NeGP.The Project aims to apply Information Technology and Government processes reengineering on high volume Government services to improve them and electronically deliver them through the internet at home/Browsing Centers/Common Service Centers(CSCs).As per the G.O.(Ms) No.2,IT(e-Gov.II) Department, dated 06.01.2012 Government has decided to roll out the e-district projects. Also it was instructed to form District e-Governance Society in each District. As instructed , District eGovernance Society (DeGS), headed by the District Collector is formed in Cuddalore district on 22.04.2013.

e-District Services:

e-District Revenue Services was rolled out fully in all taluks in Cuddalore District since December 2014.

There are 5 Revenue services have been incorporated in eDistrict. They are :-

  1. Community Certificate
  2. Nativity Certificate(5 or more than 5 years) / Residence Certificate(3 or less than 3 years)
  3. Income Certificate
  4. Graduate Certificate
  5. Deserted Women Certificate
Common Service Centers(CSC) in Cuddalore District:
Sl.No. CSC Agency Name No of CSCs functioning
1. Tamilnadu Arasu Cable TV 17
2. Primary Agricultural Co-operative Credit Society 181
3. Magalir thittam 231
4. Village Level Entrepreneur 39
T O T A L 466

To Know Talukwise CSCs details, please click here

E-District Social Welfare Scheme has been rolled out in all blocks. There are 7 schemes included in eDistrict Social Welfare. They are :

  1. Moovalur Ramamirtham Ammaiyar Ninaivu Marriage
  2. Annai Terasa Ammaiyar Ninaivu Orphan Girl Marriage
  3. EVR Maniammaiyar Ninaivu Widow Daughter Marriage
  4. Dharmambal Ammaiyar Ninaivu Widow Re-Marriage
  5. Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy Ninaivu Intercaste Marriage
  6. Girl Child Protection Scheme – I
  7. Girl Child Protection Scheme – II

Online Patta Transfer(Tamilnilam) was rolled out in Cuddalore District on February -2015.

  1. Tamilnilam – Involving Subdivision (Rural)
  2. Tamilnilam – Not Involving Subdivision(Rural)
  3. Tamilnilam – Joint Patta Transfer(Rural)


eDistrict Service Charges

Various Online Service Charges
Sl.No. Online Service Amount Charged in CSC
1. Revenue Related Certificates Rs.60
2. Social Welfare Related Schemes Rs.120
3. Online Patta Transfer Rs.60

Useful Links for Citizens: – Application Status for Revenue Certificates – Application Status for Social welfare schemes – Certificate Genuineness Verification – Application Status for Girl Child Protection Scheme.

Useful Links for Common Service Centers: – eDistrict CSC Login – eSevai CSC Login – CSC Reports Login

Useful Links for Revenue Officials: – eDistrict Officials Login – Officials Reports Login – Tamilnilam Officials Login – Social Welfare Official Login – Social Welfare Girl Child