Department of Prisons and Correctional Services is functioning under the Tamil Nadu Government.Hon’bleThiru.S.Regupathy,B.Sc.,B.L., as the Minister of the Department of Prisons and Correctional Services. Department of Prisons and Correctional Services are divided into six zones and have two central prisons and more than 2 genders. He is the head of the Department of Prisons and Correctional Services. Thiru. Sunil Kumar Singh, I.P.S., comes from I.P.S., Six Deputy Inspector General of Prisons subordinates are functioning under the Director General of Police Department Director and Head of the Department of Prisons and Correctional Services. The Headquarters of the Department of Prisons and Correctional Services is functioning in Chennai. More than 5000 employees are working in the Department of Prisons and Correctional Services. There are nine Central prisons in Tamilnadu, District jail and Borstal school, three women Special Prisons, district prisons, open air jails and Sub-jails. Five Deputy Inspector General of Prisons subordinates have been responsible for five range. He is a prison deputy head of the headquarters. Tens prisons have been operating Ten Central Prison Superintendent of Prisons, each of which is a prisons. Over 22,000 prisoners are in Department of Prisons and Correctional Services.

History of the Central Prison, Cuddalore

The central prison was constructed in 1865 by the Anglicans in the area of 177.97 acres on Caper Hills, formed by the British commander Francis Caper. The prison was imprisoned only in the Prison, allowing only prisoners arrested in mental health and continuously stealing. Then, in 1986, the prison convicts were changed to allow prisoners to engage in regular crime. Then in 1996, the convicts involved in the criminal acts have been changed into a prison. There are 723 prisoners in the Prison. There are now more than 400 life convicts imprisoned prisoners and over 300 remand Prisoners.

It was noteworthy that he was arrested by the British during the freedom struggle of Subramania Bharathiyar and was imprisoned in the Cuddalore Central Prison for 25 days from 20.11.1918 to 14.12.1918. The Bharatiyar’s cottage has been remodeled and preserved till date.

The details of the Staffs are as follows 269 employees are working in the Central prison
Sl.No Staff Designation Staff Strength
1 Supt. of Prison 1
2 Additional Supt. of Prison 1
3 Jailor 1
4 Deputy Jailor 1
5 Assistant Jailor 10
6 Chief Head Warder 23
7 Warder Grade-I 71
8 Warder Grade-II 115
9 Welfare Officer 1
10 Office Ministerial Staff 18
11 Technical Staff 6
12 Medical Staff 7
13 Vigilance Staff 3
14 Counsellor 2
15 Psychiatrist 1
16 Teacher 1
17 Scavenger 2
18 Barber 1
19 Garden Watchman 1
20 Cook 2
21 Sub Inspector (Technical) 1

Office Telephone Number: 04142 / 235027
Email ID : centralprisoncud[at]gmail[dot]com

Internal infrastructure of the central prison, Cuddalore

There are 8 blocks to allow imprisonment of prisoners in the central prison. There are a total of 240 Cells in each of the 30 Cells, each of which has 10 separate remand blocks to allow Remand prisoners. There are also Guarantees and High Security Blocks. The prison is running inside the Prison Hospital to treat prisoners. The library is located in the Prison for the prisoners to spend their time effectively in prisons. In 16 courts, the video conferencing equipment is being deployed and the extension of the police to the court to extend the prisoners allowed in the central prison.

Prison Bazaar is located in Prison Campus

In order to improve the livelihood of life convict prisoners, the Central Prison bazaar has been set up in the retail outlet of restaurants, sweets sales and haircutting. In person or sent through the mail is placed in the. Employees of life convicts for production and sale of goods in the above-mentioned shops are paid to pay the wages paid to life imprisonment in the wages of life imprisonment and then the life of the relatives and children of the prisoners to use for education, marriage, medicine and other essential uses. The relatives of the penalty prisoners have been sent either by person or by mail.

Moreover, the prisons and the public are benefiting from affordable prices of food items and other household items that are sold and sold through the above Prisons.

Natural farming practices in Central Prison

The health of the prisoners is being preserved by the way the vegetables, livestock, and other foodstuffs in the Prison are stored in the warehouse and stored in prison. More coconut, cashew, mango, jack, banana and sugarcane are also specially cultivated in prisons.

Details of inquiry and life sentence sanctioned in the Central prison

Federal prison for murder cases, robbery cases, rape cases, kuntas prevention act, public property damage, bomb blast cases, political disputes, family disputes, terrorist organization related cases, police arrested and produce in the court. court’s orders in the name of 300 Remand prisoners, 400 prisoners were life convict in prison are allowed.

Other concessions to prisoners in the Central prison, Cuddalore

Free legal aid and free legal aid is provided through the Free Legal Aid Center, which operates in the quest for prison and convicts.

District Legal Aid Secretary and Magistrate are visited the Central Prison. Prisoners are being released to inquire into the criminal cases of prisoners and to file cases.

Interview facility in the Central prison

Subject to the provisions of the Tamil Nadu Prison Act All holidays except for holidays Prisoners meet their relatives The node is being provided.
Two days of Tuesday and Thursday are life convicts. For Remand prisoners, Monday, Wednesday and Friday to meet the relatives.

School and college students serving in college To make the children meet with the Prisoners Special note on the first Sunday of the month Offer is
being offered.

Gandhi Jayanti Festival (October 2) Meet with the bloody relatives of the prisoners Convicts of prisoners in prison in order to speak The prisoners
were allowed to be their mother, father and children And specializing in speaking near the siblings The node is provided.

Public telephone facility in Central Jail

The prisoners in the jail have been provided telephone calls to their relatives and their relatives in a telephone call once a week.

To protect the health and mental health of Prisoners

Medicare, yoga and breathing exercise and mental health counseling for mentally retarded prisoners are often provided with awareness about mental health. Medical facilities are being provided to the prisoners every day by the hospital in Prison.

The following jurisprudence is provided in the Prison to raise the quality of education Prisoners.

Various types of books and newspapers are provided with facilities to study vocational training, facilitation, simple power training, English grammar training, Prison library etc. Basic education is provided to uneducated prisoners who are unable to read through the education center of the prison.

The following training is provided in the prison premise release to help the volunteers to develop their self-employment

Natural agriculture and horticulture training, cap making training, napkins preparation training, carpentry training, jail for sale Encourage prizes to jailed prisoners by conducting sports competitions through the Gandhi Jayanthi Festival.

Help to prisoners through NGOs

The Ministry of Education has been guided by the charity organizations of Indian Penitentiary, Bethel Welfare Center, Seed Educational Institute and Lions Club and Rotary Society to promote the education of the children of the prisoners.
Furthermore, Non-Official visitors who have been appointed in the name of the head of the prisons have been asked to arrive at the middle of the seaside and inquire into the welfare of the prisoners and help the prisoners.

History of Sub-Jails in the Cuddalore district

The 12 giant squads operated by the Central Prison Police have been set up in the jail premises to allow the prisoners to be placed in court. Each giant is constructed in one to two acres of area. There are five men giants and a female grenade under the control of the central Prison located in the district of Cuddalore. Furthermore, prisoners who are detained under the prohibition categories in giants are often allowed in giants.

The following is a list of 84 staff members working in a women’s Sub-Jail and 5 men Sub-Jail under the Central Prison in the District of Cuddalore

1 . Womens Sub-Jail,Cuddalore

  • Superintendent – 1
  • Chief head Warder – 2
  • Warder Grade I – 2
  • Warder Grade II – 6
  • Cook – 1
  • Scavenger – 1

2 .Sub-Jail,Cuddalore

  • Superintendent – 1
  • Chief head Warder – 2
  • Warder Grade I – 4
  • Warder Grade II – 8
  • Junior Assistant – 1
  • Cook – 1
  • Scavenger – 1

3 . Sub-Jail, Portnovo

  • Superintendent – 1
  • Chief head Warder – 2
  • Warder Grade I – 2
  • Warder Grade II – 6
  • Cook – 1
  • Scavenger – 1

4 . Sub-Jail, Chidambaram

  • Superintendent – 1
  • Chief head Warder – 2
  • Warder Grade I – 2
  • Warder Grade II – 6
  • Cook – 1
  • Scavenger – 1

5 . Sub-Jail, Vriudhachalam

  • Superintendent – 1
  • Chief head Warder – 2
  • Warder Grade I – 2
  • Warder Grade II – 6
  • Cook – 1
  • Scavenger – 1

6 . Borstal School, Panruti

  • Superintendent – 1
  • Chief head Warder – 2
  • Warder Grade I – 2
  • Warder Grade II – 6
  • Cook – 1
  • Scavenger – 1
Details of 353 Remand Prisoners in Cuddalore District Sub-jails and Details of Sub-Jail Office Phone Number and E-mail Address
Sl.No Name of the Sub-Jail Prisoners in the Sub-jail Phone Number and e-mail Address
1. Womens Sub-jail, Cuddalore 100 04142-226417


2. Mens Sub-jail, Cuddalore 143 04142-220642


3. Sub-jail, Portnovo 24 04144-252411


4. Sub-jail, Chidambaram 28 04144-226739


5. Sub-jail, Vridhachalam 30 04143-239047


6. Borstal School, Panruti 28 04142-240346


Concessions granted in prisoners are subject to jurisdictional procedures for prisoners

All state days except state holidays, government medics arrive properly and inquire into the health of the prisoners and provide medicines for the prisoners.

Free Legal Advice The Free Legal Assistance Center operating in this gym is on Tuesday and Friday and is looking for free legal assistance to the prisoners.

Officer visits often come to this site and inquire about the sanctity of the prison premises and the welfare of the prisoners.
Apart from government holidays, the jail has been provided to the jail for
all the days