Demography information as per population figures of 2011 Census :

Cuddalore District : Census 2011 data

Demoraphy figure

Population :

In 2011, Cuddalore had population of 2,605,914 of which male and female were 1,311,697 and 1,294,217 respectively. In 2001 census, Cuddalore had a population of 2,285,395 of which males were 1,150,908 and remaining 1,134,487 were females. Cuddalore District population constituted 3.61 percent of total Tamilnadu population. In 2001 census, this figure for Cuddalore District was at 3.66 percent of Tamilnadu population.

Population Growth Rate :

There was change of 14.02 percent in the population compared to population as per 2001. In the previous census of India 2001, Cuddalore District recorded increase of 7.66 percent to its population compared to 1991.

Density of Population :

The initial provisional data released by census India 2011, shows that density of Cuddalore district for 2011 is 704 people per sq. km. In 2001, Cuddalore district density was at 617 people per sq. km. Cuddalore district administers 3,703 square kilometers of areas.

Literacy Rate :

Average literacy rate of Cuddalore in 2011 were 78.04 compared to 71.01 of 2001. If things are looked out at gender wise, male and female literacy were 85.93 and 70.14 respectively. For 2001 census, same figures stood at 81.64 and 60.27 in Cuddalore District. Total literate in Cuddalore District were 1,815,281 of which male and female were 1,000,322 and 814,959 respectively. In 2001, Cuddalore District had 1,420,488 in its district.

Sex Ratio :

With regards to Sex Ratio in Cuddalore, it stood at 987 per 1000 male compared to 2001 census figure of 986. The average national sex ratio in India is 940 as per latest reports of Census 2011 Directorate. In 2011 census, child sex ratio is 896 girls per 1000 boys compared to figure of 957 girls per 1000 boys of 2001 census data.

Child Population :

In census enumeration, data regarding child under 0-6 age were also collected for all districts including Cuddalore. There were total 279,950 children under age of 0-6 against 284,964 of 2001 census. Of total 279,950 male and female were 147,644 and 132,306 respectively. Child Sex Ratio as per census 2011 was 896 compared to 957 of census 2001. In 2011, Children under 0-6 formed 10.74 percent of Cuddalore District compared to 12.47 percent of 2001. There was net change of -1.73 percent in this compared to previous census of India.

Urban Population :

Out of the total Cuddalore population for 2011 census, 33.97 percent lives in urban regions of district. In total 885,189 people lives in urban areas of which males are 442,836 and females are 442,353. Sex Ratio in urban region of Cuddalore district is 999 as per 2011 census data. Similarly child sex ratio in Cuddalore district was 934 in 2011 census. Child population (0-6) in urban region was 87,249 of which males and females were 45,119 and 42,130. This child population figure of Cuddalore district is 10.19 % of total urban population. Average literacy rate in Cuddalore district as per census 2011 is 86.38 % of which males and females are 91.88 % and 80.90 % literates respectively. In actual number 689,236 people are literate in urban region of which males and females are 365,439 and 323,797 respectively.

Rural Population :

As per 2011 census, 66.03 % population of Cuddalore districts lives in rural areas of villages. The total Cuddalore district population living in rural areas is 1,720,725 of which males and females are 868,861 and 851,864 respectively. In rural areas of Cuddalore district, sex ratio is 980 females per 1000 males. If child sex ratio data of Cuddalore district is considered, figure is 880 girls per 1000 boys. Child population in the age 0-6 is 192,701 in rural areas of which males were 102,525 and females were 90,176. The child population comprises 11.80 % of total rural population of Cuddalore district. Literacy rate in rural areas of Cuddalore district is 73.69 % as per census data 2011. Gender wise, male and female literacy stood at 82.85 and 64.48 percent respectively. In total, 1,126,045 people were literate of which males and females were 634,883 and 491,162 respectively.

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Directorate of Census operations – Govt. Of India Tamil nadu. – Chennai – Compailed in NIC – Cuddalore