Survey & Land Records Department :


The “Commissioner of Survey and Settlement” Chepauk, Chennai is the Head of Department. “The Joint Director of Central Survey Office, Chepauk, Chennai is the Custodian of all Records.


The “Assistant Director of Survey and Land Records” Collectorate Campus, Cuddalore is the District Officer. All Survey staffs, Technical Staffs, Ministerial Staffs were under his Administration Control. He is also act as PA to Collector (Survey) in the Survey matters. Assistant Director of Survey has doing his duties based on the Survey and Boundary Act 1923.

Office Phone : 04142 – 232856

Address : District Survey Office,New Collectorate,

II nd Flloor, Room No.341,Cuddalore.

E-Mail :

Survey Section:

Inspector of Survey Working Cuddalore, Chidambaram and Virudhachalam Divisions. In Taluk’s Deputy Inspector of Survey is the in-charge of Survey Section. In Taluk’s Firka Surveyor Working for each Firkas. Their main duty to solve Land Complaints, Measuring Field, Maintaining Land Records and Maintaining Survey Stones.

Online Patta Transfer Scheme implemented in Cuddalore District. Public may given patta transfer application at Common Service Center (CSC) available at primary Co-op Bank, E-Service Centres with relevant records. Patta transfer process by revenue and survey staffs through online. Public no need to go Taluk Offices for Patta transfer work.

Technical Section:

Manager Technical is the Head of Technical matters, maintenance of Survey Records and Village Maps. He is also doing computerisation of Land Records under National Land Records Management Programme.

All kinds of Map’s like district Map, Village Map, Tourist Map and Town Panchayat Map’s saleable Copy available in this Section.


Superintendent is the Head of the Administration Wing. All works related to entire staffs of the district is doing in this wing.

Right Information Act 2005:

The RTI Contact Address or follows – Public Information Officer (Admin),Superintendent,District Survey Unit,Cuddalore.Public Information Officer (Technical) – Manager Technical,District Survey Unit,Cuddalore. Public Information Officer (Land Matters) – Inspector of Survey,District Survey Unit,Cuddalore.


Town Settlement Work:

In Cuddalore district, Town Settlement Schemes going on in Cuddalore Town, Chidambaram Town, Virudhachalam Town, Panruti Town and Nellikuppam Town and Town Records updated and patta’s has been given by the Town Settlement, Special Tahsildar’s.

Computerisation of Land Records:

“A” Register and Chitta of all Villages computeraised and available in Tamil Nilam Website. Public may see all details of their lands and get the copy.

Firka Quarters:

In Cuddalore District Firka Quarters come Firka Surveyors Residence building available in Tiruvandipuram Firka, Chidambaram Firka and Virudhachalam Firka. It is useful to the Public for contact Firka Surveyors at any time for their Land Matters.

Providing Laptop, Data Card and Sim Card to the Head Surveyors & Firka Surveyors:

Laptop’s, Data Card and Sim Card given to the all Head Surveyors and Firka Surveyors for perusing the Data’s of the land at the time of field work in the villages through online.

Land Records Management Centres:

In Cuddalore district Land Records Management Centres created the Taluk office campus at panruti, Kurinjipadi and Virudhachalam Taluks. It is more useful to the public to get all certificates, Viewing their lands details and made representations about their land complaint in one roof.


As we are adopting modern technology in survey to facilitate faster and accurate survey of lands, it has been proposed to set up a network of “Continuously Operating Reference Stations” (CORS) and to carry out survey work using DGPS-RTK Equipments for open / semi-open areas and ETS for built-up areas.

Accordingly CORS Pillars builtted at the top of the our New Collectorate Building and Kurinjipadi Taluk office building.

On Going Schemes:

  • Computerisation of Field Measurement sketches is under progress (On Trial).
  • Natham Records Computerisation under progress (On Trial).
  • Urban Records Computerisation under progress.
  • Re-Survey work will be commenced through using modern survey equipments Total Station, Global positioning system and DGPS-RTK Technology for accuracy survey and avoid land disputes.
  • Integration between Web-based Registration and Online patta transfer scheme under progress.

Town Correlation Statements

List of Towns
Sno. Name of the Town Link
1 Chidambaram Click Here (PDF 2 MB)
2 Cuddalore Click Here (PDF 3 MB)
3 Nellikuppam Click Here (PDF 3 MB)
4 Panruti Click Here (PDF 3 MB)
5 Vridhachalam Click Here (PDF 3 MB)