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About Nellikuppam Municipality

Nellikuppam lies at a distance of 200 km from Chennai. Tourist locales like Vadalur Sathyagnana Sabai, Pichavaram, Chidambaram, Neyveli and Pondicherry are worthy places for visits, located in the city’s vicinity. The Town has frequent no. of Bus Facilities to link various places through this main road and connected with the centre of the town between Panruti and Cuddalore. This road is also called as Vellore-Chittoor main road. Southern Railways has frequent train facilities towards north to south and vice versa from Villupuram Junction as well as Cuddalore Junction

Who’s Who :
Section Name(Thiru/Thirumathi) Designation <>Telephone No.
General S. Maharajan Municipal Engineer and Commissioner Addl.-charge 04142-272317
Engineering S. Maharajan Municipal Engineer 04142-272317
TownPlanning Selvam TownPlanning Inspector 04142-272249
Information technology S. Prabhakaran Assisstant Programmer 04142-272249
Public Health S. Baskaran Sanitary Officer 04142-272249
Sl. No. Details Nellikuppam
1 Grade Second
2 Area ( in Sq.Kms) 21.49
3 Population as per 2011 46691
4 Total No. of wards 30
5 Total No. of Streets 152
6 Total No.of Assts-Prop tax 7010
7 Total No.of Assts-Water Charges 3945
8 Total No.of Assts-Non-Tax 91
9 Total No.of Assts-Prof Tax 1146
10 Details of Sanctioned Strength of Staff 105
11 Establishment Expenditure incurred (2017-18) 505.91
% of Establishment Expenditure on income 58.93%
12 Total No.of Households 11453
13 Accounts-Status[ Crs]
Income -2012-2013 7.07
Income -2013-2014 7.18
Income -2014-2015 7.69
Income -2015-2016 9.90
Income -2016-2017 8.89
Expenditure-2012-2013 5.20
Expenditure-2013-2014 5.44
Expenditure-2014-2015 6.11
Expenditure-2015-2016 8.56
Expenditure-2016-2017 8.76
14 Length of ULB Roads (in Kms)
BT 29.689
CC 27.121
WBM 2.500
Gravel 2.060
Paver Block 0.000
Others 1.200
Total 62.570
Length of Other than ULB Road (In kms)
NHAI 0.000
National Highways 0.000
State Highways 4.000
Major District Road (MDR) 0.000
Other District Road (ODR) 0.000
Rural Road 2.000
Other roads, if any 0.000
Total 6.000
15 Storm Water Drain (in kms)
Open Drain 48.630
Closed Drain 1.280
Total 49.910
Total No.of Culverts 75
16 Water Supply Details Source Deep Borewells(20nos)
Water Drawn – (In MLD) 4.56
Water Supply -(In LPCD) 98
Total No.of OHT 12
Pumping Main (In Kms) 3.00
Distribution Main (in Kms) 36.00
No.of HSCs (WS) 3945
No.of Public Fountains 152
No.of Genset owned by ULB (WS) 3
No.of Mini Power Pump 15
17 UGSS Nil
18 Details of Street Lights – TL 1799
SVL 42
CFL/LED / T5 581
Mini High Mast + Centre Median and Solar Roof Top 0
High Mast 7
Total 2429
19 No.of Bus Stand with Grade 1, C- Class
No.of Bus Bays 11
20 Total No.of Mpl Schools – Elementary 5
Middle 1
High School 1
Higher Secondary 0
Total 7
21 SWM
Total Waste Gen per day (in MT) 13.50
Total Waste collected per day (in MT) 13.50
No. of Wards Privatized
Compost Yard (In Acre) 5.06
Veh. for Primary. Colln 88
Veh. for Secondary. Colln 5
No.of Sanitary Workers Sanctioned 71
No.of Sanitary Workers in position 52
No.of Sanitary Workers Required as per Norms G.O.(Ms.)No.101/1997 168
No.of workers thro outsource 55
22 Details of Toilets – Public Toilet 1
Community Toilet 21
Namma Toilet 3
Total 25
23 Details of Toilets in Schools – Elementary 10
Middle 2
High School 2
Higher Secondary 0
Total 14
24 No.of Parks 7
25 Water Bodies owned by – ULB 0
Revenue 11
Total 11
26 No.of Burial Ground 13
No.of Gasifier Crematorium 0
27 No.of Slaughter House 1
28 Details of Mpl. Hospitals –Hospitals UPHC with Maternity Center 1
Health Post 0
Dispensaries 0
Total 1
29 Total No.of Anganwadi Centers 21

Scheme works :

  1. Under swachh Bhart Mission (for solid waste management) 2017-18 Scheme, 85 Nos of SS Push carts with bins for Primary collection have been purchased. 2 Nos of Micro composting centre (MCC) are taken up for Processing of MSW.
  2. Under TURIP 2017-18 Scheme, 7 Nos of B.T roads of 2.706 km and 6 Nos of CC roads of 1.482 K.m have been taken up, at an estimated cost of Rs.200 Laks and works are under progress.
  3. 4 Nos of B.T roads of 1.07 K.m and 6 Nos of Cement Concrete roads of 0.443 K.m have been taken up under 14th Finance commission fund 2017-18 and the works are under
  4. 2 Nos of R.O water purification plant and 2 Nos of stainless steel Bus shelter works are taken up under M.L.A.C.D.S 2017-18 Scheme at an estimated cost of Rs.29.00 Lakhs and the works are under progress.
Disaster Management Emergency Official Help Desk
S.No. Designation Phone No.
1 Municipal commissioner 04142-272317
2 Municipal Engineer 04142-272397
3 Public Works Over Seer 04142-272397
4 Revenue Inspector 04142-272249
5 Town Planning Inspector 04142-272249
6 Sanitary Officer 04142-272249
7 Doctor 04142-271116
8 Pharmacist 04142-271116
9 Municipal Office 04142-272249

Our Achievements in Public Service Events :

  1. Bilingual Birth / Death Registrations – Launched in 2000
  2. Vision 2010 – Microsoft Power Point Presentation with AUTOCAD Designs
  3. Client / Server Technology – Oracle ORDBMS – Installation completed
  4. Computerization of Property Tax, Water Charges, Profession Tax, Non Tax and Under Ground Drainage Taxes
  5. Online Tax Collection – Started in Mid of 2003
  6. D&O Licenses, Building Plans – Launched in 2004 and 2005
  7. Technical Training to Information Technology Personnel’s and all other Staff for awareness and end user interests creation
  8. Online Citizen Services – Wide Area Connectivity linked all Municipalities with Regional Directorate
  9. Accurate payroll – for employees
  10. Dynamic Web portal / Static Web Portals
  11. Financial Accounting Management Software – Launched in 2007
  12. Online Tenders Floating – Launched in 2007
  13. e-Tenders Phase I and Phase II – Launched in 2009 and 2010
  14. Microsoft Share Point Web portals – Engineering Works Monitoring in 2013
  15. Apps in Mobile – Water Supply Monitoring app in 2014
  16. Testing of Web based Online Modules – Progress

E_Governance :

Urban Tree Information System

(formerly called as Centralized Webbased Software Application)


The Following Phase-I Modules are computerized and being used by the Public



Tenders :

The Tamil Nadu Government have enacted the Tamil Nadu Tender transparency Act 1998 (Tamil Nadu Act 43 of 1998) for implementation in all State Government / Urban Local Bodies. This is an act to provide transparency in the public procurement and to regulate the procedure in inviting and accepting tenders and matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. This Act has been implemented mainly for the following

  1. To maximize economy and efficiency in Government procurement
  2. To foster and encourage effective participation by tenders in the process of tenders
  3. To promote healthy competition among tenderers.
  4. To provide for fair and equitable treatment of all tenderers. The tender transparency Act is followed scrupulously for all tenders floated by this Municipality and notice inviting tenders being floated in the website.​

Tourist Places of Interest

Sri Nadana Patheshwarar Easwaran Temple – Thirukandeshwaram,

Sri Kailasa Nathar Temple

Sri Boologa Nathar Temple-Nellikuppam

Sri Sivaloganathar Temple at Vellapakkam and

East India Distilleries and Sugar Factory and Lotte confectioneries.


  1. Apllette Authority : Thiru. S. Maharajan, Commissioner(i/c), 04142-272317
  2. Personnel Information and R.T.I Officer : Thiru. R. Partheeban, Municipal Manager, 04142-272249
  3. Assistant Personnel Inforamtion Officer: Thiru. M. Sulaiman Sait

Contact Us

Phone : Office – 04142- 272317,272249
Email : commr[dot]nellikuppam[at]tn[dot]gov[dot]in

Citizen Portal :

Location : K.S.A.R Road,Nellikuppam, Panruti Taluk,

Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu 607105.


Bribery is against the Law. Complaints about corruption may be sent to:

The Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption,
No. 21-28, P.S. Kumarasamy Raja Salai (Greenways Road),
Raja Annamalaipuram, ​​​​​​​Chennai – 28​​

Website:, Phone : 044- 24615989 / 24615929 / 24615949


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