Cuddalore Composite Local Planning authority was constituted under section 10(1) of Town and Country Planning Act 1971 in the year 1974 vide G.O.Ms.No.1138 RD & LA Dept dated 24.07.1974 approved under section 28 vide G.O.Ms.No.803 H & UD Department dated 20.09.1984.Then the Master Plan was reviewed approved vide G.O.Ms.No.257 H & UD Department dated.05.02.1996. This master plan is followed at present.

The area of the Cuddalore composite local planning authority is 144.66 in which urban area is 27.79 and the urban sprawl the rural area is 116.87 Sq.Km.

In order to control haphazard development and also to preserve the environment and to facilitate development in a planned manner and to serve the future expected population, the non-planned area which is very adjacent to Local Planning area. Expansion of LPA is under process.

CLPA started its function at Cuddalore From 1994

The act followed are

The Town and Country Planning Act 1971.
The District Municipal Building Act 1920.
Panchayat Act 1994.

Rules and regulation followed are

The District Municipal Building rule 1972.
The Tamil Nadu public and multi-storied building rule 1973.
Panchayat building rule 1997.
Development control rule from the year 2010.
Master Plan and Detailed Development Plan rules.

Different Powers

Power to the Local bodies

Upto 4000 Sq.Ft (4 dwellings), G+1 floors in case of residential development.
Upto 2000 Sq.Ft (single shop), G+1 floors in case of commercial development.

Power of the Cuddalore Local Planning Authority

Up to 25,000 Sq.ft, G+3 floors in case of residential and commercial building.
Single block any area in case of Industrial , (G+2) School buildings (G+1) Educational
Layouts up to 5 acres, in Municipal.
Layouts up to 10 acres in village panchayats

Power of the Commissioner of Town and Country Planning:

All the buildings beyond the power of Member Secretary, except the CRZ area.

Power of Government

Approval of Master Plan.
Power beyond CTCP.

Composition of Local Planning Authority

Chairman : The District Collector
Member Secretary : Deputy Director of Town and Country Planning.
At present there is no DD in the department, Assistant Director is the Member Secretary of the LPA.
Members : Have been appointed by the Government under the
provision of section 11 (3), vide G.O.Ms.No.140, H&UD department dated 17.06.13 and G.o.No.12 dt.13.01.14.
Usually the LPA meeting is conducted once in two months.
There are some restrictions in the CRZ area that is the NOC from the department is necessary for applying permission in the coastal area. The villages listed in the Coastal area within the limit of CLPA at present are Subaupllavadi, Gunduppalavadi, Pachayankuppam, Kudikadu, Thiyagavalli and Muncipal Area.

List of Local bodies covered under LPA

Cuddalore Municipality

Cuddalore Municipality, Ward No.1 to 7

Cuddalore Panchayat Union

  • Tirumanikkuli
  • Ramapuram
  • Mavadippalaiyam
  • Otteri
  • Senjikumarapuram
  • Tottappattu
  • Nattampattu
  • Kondur
  • Velisemmandalam
  • Periyakanganankuppam
  • Chinnakanganankuppam
  • Uchchimedu
  • Subavuppalavadi
  • Gunduvuppalavadi
  • Kuttappakkam
  • Padirikkuppam
  • Tiruvendipuram
  • Kumarappettai
  • Arisipperiyankuppam
  • Karuppadittundu
  • Karaiyeravittakuppam
  • Vettukkulam
  • Cuddalore O.T.
  • Ponniyankuppam
  • Pachchaiyankuppam
  • Kudikkadu
  • Karaikkadu
  • Sedappalaiyam
  • Annavalli
  • Gangamanayakkan Kuppam
  • Sembankuppam

Kurinjipadi Panchayat Union

  • Tondamanattam
  • Tiyagavalli