Chidambaram Municipality


The Chidambaram Town became a III rd grade Municipal town asper G.O.Ms NO 33, Finance dt 25-3-1873 and then upgraded as II nd gradeMunicipal town in G.O Ms No 2302 RD & LA dt 11-4-1949. During the year 1974the town was upgraded as I grade Municipal Town as read in G.O.Ms No 1815 RD &LA dt 9-8-1974. Since 15-6-1998 This town is functioning as Selection Grade Municipality. This Town is a Taluk Head quarters of Chidambaram and located in the Revenue District of Cuddalore.

Municipality Chidambaram
region Chengalpattu
Grade Selection Grade
Address 2, Cutcherry street
Cuddalore District
Pincode 608 001
Phone 04144-222231
E-Mail Commr.chidambaram[at]
Area (Sq.Km) 4.80 Sq.Km
No. of Wards & Streets 33 & 132
Length of Streets(Km) 65.025 Km
Length of Water mains(Km) 19.372 Km
Length of Sewer (Km) 26 Km
Length of Open Drains (Km) 36.320 Km
No. of Public Fountains 227
No. of Assessed Houses & Population 13868 & 62153
No. of Water Supply Service Connections Domestic – 6016
Non Domestic – 168
Total – 6184
No. of Metered Service Connection
No. of OHTs 4
No. of Vehicles for Garbage Collection 5
No. of Mechanised Vehicles 1
No. of Sanitary Staff 129 (155)sanctioned
No. of Dustbins 67
No.of Area of Dumping/Compost yard (give details) 1(one) 4.8 Sq.Acre
No.of Street Lights 1850
No.of Parks 7
No. of Municipal Schools 9
No. of Maternity Centres 1
No. of Noon Meal Centres 9


The introduction of E-governance in Chidambaram Municipality offers the online Citizen services. All information related to Chidambaram Municipality is easily accessible to the Public. The facility E-governance is such that the Public can remit their taxes like Propertytax, water charges, Nontax in the Office collection center and facilitation counters nearest to their residences. In Chidambaram Municipality initially start the State Bank of India, Chidambaram for collection of taxes through online and acceptable to their services to the public.

The main aim of E-governance offers one who has ensured transparency and the residents can easily accessible and they want to know their dues at any time of any place relating to Chidambaram Municipality. The mode of payment being made in a collection of Taxes due to Chidambaram Municipality will considerable increase.

In the Advanced and Latest Technology in communication and Information, the database server of the Municipality is connected with the Facilitation Counter by means of Local Area Net Work . The Wide Area Net Work and Dynamic Website is functioned well.

The Local Area Network setup functions effectively started in the Chambers of Commissioner and Municipal Engineer. The relevant Software Modules were installed on 31.10.2003 and the required data have been fed and brought up to date. The Computerised Collection Center was already established in November 2003 and service is our motto to the satisfaction of the Taxpayers and Public. The Bill Collectors, Junior Assistants and cashier are trained to issue Computerised receipts to the public in the facilitation Counters. This municipality links with the State Bank of India vide WAN. Tax payers may not pay their taxes in the respective modules through state Bank of India due to unavailability of staff from both sides. we may try to activate the collection centre through banks.

The details of Birth and Death are updated in Chidambaram Municipality. Sanitary Inspectors are also able to issue Computerised Birth and Death Certificate to the public. (PUBLIC CAN PAY TAXES,GET BIRTH AND DEATH CERTIFICATES(UPTO 31-12-2017),BUIDING PLAN LICENSE,D&O TRADE LICENSE THR’ INTERNET URL: ABOUT CITY Chidambaram is an ancient famous temple town of the Lord Nataraja (Siva) in Hindu, Region. It is most important holy and pilgrimage center attracting tourists, coming from all over India and Abroad. The town is named after the temple called “Chit Saba”. Or Chidambaram (ie Music Hall or Hall of wisdom).

How to Reach
This town is geographically situated 97o 44’ East longitude and 11 24’ North latitude. It is located at a distance of about 250 Km South of Chennai and well connected by major district roads with the adjoining towns such as Cuddalore and Pondicherry at a distance of 20 Km and 43 Km respectively. It is also connected by road with Sirkali towards south and Bhuvanagiri towards North west direction at a distance of 20 Km and 43 Km respectively. It is also connected by road with Sirkali towards south and Bhuvanagiri towards North west direction at a distance of 20 Km and 8 Km respectively. This town has rail links of metre gauge with Chennai via Panruti and Trichy towards Southwest direction providing Railway Station at Chidambaram.


    1. Lord Nataraja Temple

This ancient famous temple is fortified and centrally located in the town, covering an extent of approximately 43 acres. There are three prakaras in which first Prakara is of the sanctum of the Lord Siva in dancing form and second prakara comprising of Nirthiyasabha, Devasabha, Sarasamoorthysannathi and Balathandayuthapani sannadhi in the third prakara all other deities and sannathies are located.

    1. ThillaiKaliyamman Temple

This temple is located at the fringe of the town in remembrance of the dance competition of Lord siva and sakthi. The Lord Siva won and Parvathi was asked to go out of the town. Since Thillaikali is incornation of Parvathi, the temple has been constructed by the king kopperumchingan.

  1. Elamaiyakinar Koil Temple

This temple is of Saint Thiruneelakandar who took holy bath with his wife in the temple tank and came out youthful by the blessing of Lord Siva. There are two festivals celebrated annually called as kalambulaNayanar festival in the Tamil months of Karthigai and ThiruneelakandaNayanar festival during the Tamil month of Thai.


Construction of Quarters for Sanitary workers in Ambethkar Nagar , Chidambaram is Rs.200 Lakhs estimated Costs. The Adminstrative Sanction Date on 26.06.2013 and Technical Santion on 30.09.2013. The Expenditure amount is Rs.174.46/- Lakhs. The Building is completed Eligibility Condition (who can avail the benefit/ Service): Sanitary Workers are Eligibility and Beneficiers person.


Construction of Office Building in Catcherry Street, Chidambaram is Rs.250 Lakhs estimated costs. The Administrative Sanction Date on 26.06.2013 and Technical Sanction on 13.08.2013. The Expenditure amount is Rs.250/- Lakhs. The Building work is Completed. And Opened the Building in Public uses.


The Universal Toilet Constructed at Various Places in this Town. Namely Muthumanickam Street, Thillai Kaliyamman Koil Street Men and Women Separately, Min Nagar Men and Women Separately. Every Toilet Constructed Rs.13.00 Lakhs.

Procedure to obtain the benefit/Service:

Universal Toilets are used Public purpose in this area People only.


The Urban Primary Health Centre is Constructed Estimated Amount Rs.48.00 Lakhs. The Adminstrative Sanction Date on 28.08.2015 and Technical Sanction on 11.09.2015. The Expenditure Amount is Rs.48.00/- Lakhs. The Building Work is Completed and Opened the Building in Public uses.

Procedure to obtain the benefit/Service:

Urban Primary Health Centre is used in Public purpose only.

    1. Scheme Name: NATURAL CALAMITIES RELIEF FUND 2015-16

Restoration of BT Surface at various places in this Town. Namely Singarathoppu, Muthumanickam Street, Manmathasamy Koil Street, Subramanican Street, 16 Pillar Mandabam Street, Elamaiyakinar Koil Kulam East and South Kanagasabai Nagar 2 main Road, Veerapathirasamy Koil St, Somasundaram Street, Lalkhan Street, Anikaran Street, Nethaji Street, Kothankudi North Street. The Expenditure of Amount Rs. 154.80/-

    1. Scheme Name: SPECIAL ROAD PROGRAMME 2015-16

The Special Road Programme Contain in Two Packages. Package- I Amount is Rs.201.60/- Lakhs. Road namely Old Bhuvanagiri Road from Thirowpathi Amman Koil Street Junction to Sivashanmugam Street Junction (Ward No.1 & 14 ), Old Bhuvanagiri Road from Sivashanmugam Street Junction (Ward No.1 ) , Ananadan Street and Gayathiriyamman Koil East Street (Ward No.2 & 3 ) , Guru Street (Ward No. 3 ) , Ashirwad Nagar (Ward No. 4 ), Vageesa Nagar (Ward No.6 ) , Kariyaperumal Koil Street (Ward No.7) , Thillai Nagar (Ward No.7 ) , Mana Lane (Ward No.7) Chinnakajiyar Street (Ward No.10) , Periya Vaniya Street (Ward No.11 ), , Kasi Street (Ward No.13 ), EB Down Road (Ward No.13 ) , Ellaiyamman Koil Madavilagam Street (Ward No.15 ) , Thagam Theertha Pillaiyar Koil Street (Ward No.16 ) in Chidambaram.

Package II Amount is 198.40/- Lakhs. Vellapiranthan Street (Ward No.18 ), Maikkaval Street (Ward No.20 ), Govindasamy Street (Ward No.21 ) , Kotthangudi Street (Ward No.22 ) , Anna Street (Ward No.21 & 22 ) , Perumal Street (Ward No.25 ) , Min Nagar (Ward No.28 ) , Eda Street (Thoppaiyan Street to Omakulam Road) (Ward No.28 ) , Kanagasabai Nagar Bharathi dasan Street (Ward No.30 ), Gnanaprakasam Street (Ward No.32 )


The New UGD work constructed in this Town Rs.75.62 Crores by TWAD Board. Now 1900 Manhole is finished. 4960 file foundation work is completed. Colum work is under progress. All work completed within 1 year.

Person at Taluk and District:
Name/Designation Contact Number EMail Id Address
S. JAGEESAN, Municipal Engineer & Commission (I/c) 944351617 commr.chidambaram[at] Municipal Office, hidambaram
N. Nandakumar, Manager 9842963825 commr.chidambaram[at] Municipal Office,Chidambaram
N. Baskar, Accountant 8754919285 commr.chidambaram[at] Municipal Office,Chidambaram
A.SALEEM, Electrical Superindentant 9245145342 commr.chidambaram[at] Municipal Office,Chidambaram
M. DHANAPANDIYAN, Junior Engineer 9444148289 commr.chidambaram[at] Municipal Office,Chidambaram
M.DHARMARAJA SANITARY INSPECTOR 9943580414 commr.chidambaram[at] Municipal Office,Chidambaram
M. KARIKALCHOLAN,Assistant Programmer 9442235163 commr.chidambaram[at] Municipal Office,Chidambaram