Department of Health & Family Welfare Cuddalore District.


Cuddalore District Health Departments functions with Two Directorates inside the districts namely:

  1. Joint Director Of Health Services, Cuddalore and
  2. Deputy Director of Health Services , Cuddalore.

Joint Director of Health Services :

All the Taluk Hospitals inside the District under the control of JDHS, Cuddalore.

List Of Taluk Hospitals in Cuddalore District:

  1. Cuddalore Head Quarters Hospital
  2. Kamarjar Government Hospital, Chidambaram.
  3. Virudhachalam Government Hospital.
  4. Panruti Government Hospital.
  5. Kurunjipadi Government Hospital.
  6. Thittagudi Government Hospital.
  7. Kattumannarkoil Government Hospital.
  8. Parangipettai GH ( Non Taluk ) Government Hospital.
  9. Bhuvangiri Government Hospital.
  10. Veppur Government Hospital.
  11. Capper Hills Government Hospital (TB).


Our Directorates have E-Governance program of Health Mangement Systems and Hospital management systems in all Government instituion


Health Management Information System ( HMIS )

  • ISMR Performance
  • HMS Activities
  • NCD Clinic
  • Pregnancy & Infant cohort Monitoring and Evaluation ( PICME )

The pregnancy and Infant cohort monitoring online software have been developed to remove certain inadequacies in maintaining information related to the care of pregnant women and the infants by VHN

  • The VHNs will record details in that prescribed format
  • This information will be entered into the online software made available
  • At the PHC during the weekly review day
  • All new AN registrations and update on continued services given to the

mothers registered earlier have to be entered on the review day.

  • This system will also help to monitor the outcome of pregnancy and survival

status of infant


All Kind of birth and death registrations done in every GH campus itself.

Directorate Details

Joint Director

Dr R.Vasanthi MBBS,DCH

Joint Director of Health services

Cuddalore District

Phone: 04142-292952

Mobile : 9444982662


1.Government Head Quarters Hospital Cuddalore:

Dr. Saileela, MBBS.,

Hospital Superintendent ,

Ph: 9443253439

Office: 04142-230052


2.Kamarajar Government Hospital, Chidambaram:

Dr. B.Tamizharasan, MS

Chief Medical Officer ,

Ph: 9965303161

Office: 04144-223099


3.Government Hospital, Virudhachalam

Dr. P.Swaminathan, MBBS, DCH.,

Chief Medical Officer ,

Ph: 9965303161

Office: 04143-230325


4.Government Hospital, Panruti

Dr. Malini, MBBS, DLO.,

Chief Medical Officer ,

Ph: 9489108180

Office: 04142- 242144


5.Government Hospital, Kurunjipadi

Dr. A.Indumathi, MBBS, DGO.,

Chief Medical Officer ,

Ph: 8489610447

Office: 04142-298493


6.Government Hospital, Kattumannarkoil.

Dr. Jayaselvi, MBBS, DGO.,

Chief Medical Officer ,

Ph: 9443460346

Office: 04144- 262279


7.Government Hospital, Parangipettai.

Dr. V.Sumathi, MBBS, DLO.,

Chief Medical Officer ,

Ph: 9443116016

Office: 04144-253990


8.Government Hospital, Veppur.

Dr. M.Anbumani, MD.,

Chief Medical Officer ,

Ph: 9443667521

Office: 04143-241666


9.Government Hospital, Bhuvanagiri.

Dr. P.Muthukumaran, MBBS.,

Chief Medical Officer ,

Ph: 9443621027

Office: 04144-241001


10.Government Hospital for Thoracic Medicine , Capperhills,Cuddalore.

Dr. S.Anbuselvi, MBBS.DCH.,

Chief Medical Officer ,

Ph: 9943512622

Office: 04142-235182


11.Government Hospital, Thittagudi.

DR.N.A..Selventhiran, MBBS.,

Chief Medical Officer ,

Ph: 8838339989

Office: 04143-255206


Event of services in Government Head Quarters Hospital, Cuddalore.General Medicine

  1. General Surgery
  2. Orthopedics
  3. Pediatrics
  4. Ophthalmology
  5. Gynecology
  6. Obstetrics
  7. Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT)
  8. Dentistry OPD basis
  9. Dermatology & STD/STI Clinic
  10. Anesthesia
  11. Psychiatry
  12. Emergency medicine,

TAIE -24-hours accident and emergency care

  1. Intensive care unit (ICU)
  2. Intensive medical care unit (IMCU)
  3. Intensive neonatal care (NICU)
  4. Burns care
  5. Family Planning service
  6. Physiotherapy
  7. X ray
  8. C.Arm
  9. C.T Scan
  10. Ultrasound scan
  11. Laboratory services
  12. i) Clinical biochemistry
  13. ii) Clinical heamtology
  14. Blood bank
  15. Pharmacy

Policy Note

The Quality Policy of our Hospital is to provide the best of quality treatment to all patients who come to our hospital irrespective of their gender, religion and social economic status with due respect to their dignity, safety and privacy.

National Programe for Prevention and Control of Cancer, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Diseases and Stroke (NPCDCS)

To improve the health outcomes of the people of Tamil Nadu especially the poor and disadvantaged by strengthening Health Systems.
To reduce the morbidity and mortality due to Non Communicable Diseases through Opportunistic screening, treatment and follow up of individuals reporting at Government health facilities in Tamil Nadu.
Availability of NCD Clinic with facilities for screening in all Government Health Facilities.
Provision of screening services for men and women aged 18 years and above for Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus.
Screening of women aged 30 years and above for Cervical and Breast Cancers.
Referral for Confirmatory tests or for further evaluation.
Referral for treatment of complications.
Maintenance of Forms, Cards and Registers.
Online data entry and reporting system.

National School Children Health Scheme (RBSK)

Under National School Children Health Scheme which was started in December 2014, right from new borne children to 18 years adolescent have to be screened for congenital deformities, developmental and Nutritional deformities at an early stage.

Dr.Muthulakhsmi Reddy Maternity Benefit Scheme

Dr.Muthulakshmi Reddy Maternity Benefit Scheme (MRMBS) is implemented with a noble objective of providing assistance to poor pregnant women/mothers to meet expenses on nutritious diet, to compensate for the loss of income during motherhood and to avoid low birth weight of newborn babies. The assistance which was given at Rs.6,000 per beneficiary has been increased to Rs.12,000 per beneficiary with effect from 01.06.2011. The cash assistance is given in three instalments on conditional basis and restricted to two deliveries. The amount is being credited directly to the Beneficiaries bank account through ECS. First instalment is given before delivery for those availing all required antenatal care services during pregnancy in Government Institutions, second installment for those delivering in Government Institutions and third installment after proper immunization of the child.

Napkin Scheme:

The age group between 10 – 19 yrs. For all adolescent girls the napkin sis issued for 12 pockets every 2 months once.

Weekly iron and folic acid supplementation:

Every week Thursday iron & folic acid supplementation is given between age group (10 – 19). 6th to 12std for all students.

National deforming day

Yearly twice (February and August ) Months tablets / Syrup is issued between the age group (1-19) yrs for School going children.

Vitamin A solution supplementation programme.
Yearly twice ( September and March ) every 6 month once age group between 6 Months to 60 months Vitamin A solution is issued.

Civil Registration System

The Registration of Birth and Death Act 18 of 1969 came in to force in Tamil Nadu from 01.04.1970. As per the Act all Births and Deaths have to be reported compulsorily for registration at the place of occurrence within 21 days of their occurrence. The Registration work is governed by Tamil Nadu Registration of Birth and Death Rules, 2000.
Also the Government has ordered in G.O.Ms.No.353 Health and Family Welfare Department, dt.09.10.2017 to appoint Multi Purpose Health Supervisor (Male) as Birth and Death Registrar for Government District Head Quarters Hospital, Taluk and Non-Taluk Hospital situated in Village Panchayat for registration of births and deaths and issue of certificates before they leave the hospital. The Sanitary Inspector / Executive Officer are the Registrars for the above said Government Institutions situated in ULBs and Town Panchayats.

Contact Office Address

Joint Director of Medical & Rural Health Services,
Cuddalore 607 001.
Phone: 04142 230052