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Cuddalore is known for ....

. Abode of Cosmic Dancer

The world famous Lord Natarajar Temple :
The origin of the sculpture of Nataraj. The cosmic dancer's place. Chidambaram is in Cuddalore District.

. Historic Importance

The Historic importance of this District has played roll since the time of "IDICASAM". Mr. Robert Clive started his adminstration from this district. He built the residence and administrative that building which are still the administrative residence of district administration.

. Field of Lignite

The abandan of availability of Lignite is Treasure from this district to human community. Coal Mine are our of which heavy power of electricity is produced and distributed throughout the country.

. Ore of Iron

The iron ore was found and exported in heavy amount. Now the outcome from that iron is reduced.

. Treasure of Cashew Nuts

Cashewnut is the rich crop of this district. Maximum export being done, which is the important commercial crop of this district.

. Sweet District

The world famous PARRY sugar and Choclates are come out from this district.