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IWDP in Gadilam River Basin Project-H in Cuddalore District have been sanctioned by the Govennnent of India during the fag-end of March 2000. The total Project area envisages in Gadilam River Basin 5,580 ha which will be treated over the period of 5 Years from the 2000-2001 to 2004 -2005 under the over all control of the DRDA Cuddalore. The total outlay of the Project is Rs.2.23/- crores (Rupees Two crores and twenty three lakhs only). Out of which, sanction was accorded for three installment's of funds totalling a sum of Rs. 99.28 lakhs which works out 45% of the total outlay of the Project.

Since the sanction orders and allotment of funds was received on 28t" March 2000, we could not do any work during the financial year 1999-2000. So, we have started the Project work during the financial year 2000-2001.

In respect to Gadilam River Basin Watershed Project, 9 Watersheds have been identified and surveyed and Watershed Association have been, formed with the involvement of beneficiaries and registered under' the Societies Act and Watershed Committees have been constituted

Entry Point Activity in each Village have been identified and estimates have been prepared for the entry point activities and the work in all the twenty entry point activities have been completed.

The Participatory Rural Appraisal Exercises, Project Profile and other activities have been identified for the required works, distribution of fruit seedlings, according to the options given by the beneficiaries have been surveyed and the same have been be distributed and completed.

The Training for the beneficiaries has been given in both Gandhigram Rural Institute - Deemed University and in Cuddalore respectively and the IEC activities like Printing folders, Stickers and Wall Paintings have been made in all the 20 Villages coming under the Watersheds.

The Watershed Committee Which Will be undertaking the entire work, have been given exposure training. Though guidelines has permitted 6-9 months for making preparatory work, we have completed the preparatory work in the span of four months and this Project was inaugurated by the Honorable Union Minister of State for Rural Development, New Delhi on 19.7.2000 in Thirumanikuzhi Village in Cuddalore Panchayat Union and the work is now in progress as per the schedule.

According to the Government of India guidelines vide chapter-IIII para 29,30,31 and 32 , the DRDA will be the project Implementing Agency and will have District Watershed Development Advisory Committee having members from nodal Departments like Agriculture, Agricultural Engineering, Horticulture and Forest Departments besides Members drawn from DRDA, Research Centers and selected N.G.O's . The District Watershed Development Advisory Committee will be the supreme Policy making body of this IWDP Programme. The Watershed Development Advisory Committee will meet, discuss and finalise the programmes of the Watershed Activities. The Government of India has fixed Rs.4,000/- (Rupees Four thousand only) per hectare for all the components and this is the yardstick for arriving financial allocation for the Project area.

The District Watershed Development Advisory Committee has met Five times from the inception of this Programme.

The Government of India has indicated component wise financial allocation for 5 Year's as detailed below:
1. Administrative Cost 10 % Rs.22.32/-
2. Community Organisation 5 % Rs. 11.16/-
3. Training Component 5 % Rs. 11.16/-
4. Works Component including Entry Point Activities 80 % Rs. 178.56/-

Total : Rs. 223.20/-