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IT Initiatives


As a part of e-governance activity and bring Hi tech to the rural side, this district administration has taken a very effective steps with the technical help of NIC . Because of this, it is very easy for district administration to go into action very fastly.

The n-louge company had signed an agreement with government regarding this. so their service is used for this purpose. Internet connections to the villages were provided using their technology. Now forty villages are already benefited using this scheme. Actions are being taken to reach all the villages at the earliest time.

N-louge is having a mail and a web server at Nellikuppam. They have wireless equipment connected with this server. In villages, client computers are connected to this server through wireless modems. Thus establishing wireless connection through out 24 hours. The villages are enabled to get Internet connection round the clock.

Educate unemployed women, Self Help Groups, of that village are identified. They are helped to get Bank loans through PMRY like schemes etc., They are given adequate training on computer operations and how best the computers can be used for business using the internet facility etc., and they are all well motivated to do best service to the villages. They are provided with computer printers , wireless modem, web camera for vedio conference and Internet , a UPS Xerox machines etc., so as to enable them to get regular income. This service is now provided in the four blocks namely Cuddalore, Annagramam, Panruti Kurnjipadi steps are already taken to extend this facility to all the blocks of this district. Due to some technical problems, the work is some what slow.


In order to give this facility to the rural people, now Government has taken another parallel process called "RASI" project. As per this, a mail and web server will be placed at DRDA Cuddalore. A fast dedicative cable will be connected between BSNL Cuddalore and DRDA server. The authorized users from any corner of this district can be connected to this server through telephone lines through dialup modems. So that they can get Internet connectivity at any time. Adequate training are being given to the concern persons or to the SHGs in this new technology. This will enable the SHGs and the unemployed youths to get internet and web based information for their own business. Definitely this will bring a information revolution in rural areas, and rural economy will grow faster. Many more persons can get employment through this Scheme.