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DANIDA assisted Water and Sanitation Project - Cuddalore District.


The Danida assisted water and Sanitation project is being implemented in Cuddalore district since 1996 with the strategy of Demand Driven Participatory Approach through Department of Rural Development. Promoting decentralization, community participation, gender equity, increasing sustainable quality and quantitative services to all people including the poor are the key elements of the project interventions. Establishing sustainable Village based Management System and institutionalizing it in govt. delivery system are the ultimate goal of the project.

Development Objective
* Sustainable water supply and improved sanitation conditions in the project areas.

Immediate Objectives
* Improved sustainable system of community managed maintenance of water supply installations in the project area
* Improved and applied knowledge among relevant government staff and project beneficiaries pertaining to sustainable adequate and appropriate technical solutions.
* Introduction of regulatory mechanism for ground water extractions
* Improved and applied knowledge among relevant government staff and project beneficiaries on the importance of sanitary environments and hygienes.

1) Danida grant: Original          Rs. 430 million
2) Host Country Contribution: Rs. 116 million
3) Community Contribution:     Rs. 114 million

Community contribution activitywise
* Water supply capital cost sharing 1/7 of the total cost
* Operation & Maintenance of water supply 100%
* Institutional latrines 20% of the total cost
* Household latrines - fixed incentives of Rs. 2000

Physical achievement & Phasing out
* Water supply: 120 Village Panchayats - Completed & phased out in June 2002. Institutional latrines: 131 Schools -Completed except I I in progress continue upto Sept 2003.
* Household latrines : 8500 completed and continue upto Dec.2003
* Village based management System 120 Village Panchayts and Continue & project phasing out in March 2004

Project Expenditures
1) Community contribution collected for all physical implementations: Rs. 5,49, 12, 314
2) Project Contribution supported for physical implementations : Rs. 1, 86,90,250
3) Water Charges collected from the users in 69 Village Panchayats : Rs. 35,98,499

Village based Management System
In order to achieve sustainable management of operation & maintenance of water supply schemes and improved quality services, the project has piloted a new concept called Village based Management System (VMS) in 2002. In each Village Panchayat, Village Water and Sanitation Committees and its Sub Committees of Water User Groups, Quality Assurance Group and Environmental Protection Group have been formed. Different types of training to improve their technical and management skills and extensive awareness campaigns at community level have been provided by the project. The experiment indicates positive results for increasing the financial status of the Village panchayats through users water charges and technical management skills of the VWSCs in planning and management of operation and maintenance of water supply schemes in a sustainable manner. The project has assisted the Govt. for introduction of water supply by-laws Recently the project has conducted state level seminars. The project proposed recommendations have been accepted by Govt & preparation of guidelines for implementing these recommendations and water supply by laws all over the state is under progress.

Consolidation and Phasing out
Danida is withdrawing its support and the project is phasing out from Tamil Nadu in March 2004. At present, the focus is concentrated on consolidation of all activities and sustainability of Village based Management System in the project supported villages and also scaling up the project initiatives all over the state through government delivery system like Swajaldhara, Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission and the forth coming World bank supported projects in Tamil Nadu.